Our Music Library

In this past week, we cleaned the slate! We wiped all our music clean. We threw all the music into one giant folder. I used iTunes to re-tag most all of the songs. It’s very easy with iTunes. During this period, on my other computer, I ran iTunes over the air. I used their new Genius feature that, like Pandora, takes my music selection and designs a smart playlist of music that sounds good together. You might have heard that for a couple days. The only limitation to that is it can only make a list of 100 songs at a time. This is only 6 hours or so. Anyway, it was cool and it worked great!

If you’ve listened closely, you might have heard some strange artifacts of this recent music library re-do. I have. I heard, on rare occasion, a Christmas tune that worked it’s way into the mix. The reason this happened is pretty simple. In process of re-tagging all my songs, I must have missed a few that were either mis-tagged or not tagged at all. The main tag I am referring to is the Genre tag. I currently have about 7,500 songs in the database. This makes for a huge job of managing it all. Over the next days, I will continue to fix and correct these goofs.

Meanwhile, if you catch one of these jewels, just let the spirit of the season flood over you for the moment! Look at it as a free preview to the flooding of Holiday Music that is only a few months away! As always, I am working hard to make KXRT the best internet radio station! Thanks for your patience and understanding.


Song Titles

Hi folks! For the next few days, there will be no further song-title updating. I will work to remedy this as soon as possible. What I’ve found is that on my ancient Pentium 4 1.8ghz PC with 768mb RAM was constantly running at 100% CPU. I had the automation system and my processing/streaming system all working on the same computer. While the streaming/processing wanted more than 60% CPU, the automation wanted at least 50% so they would tug o’war and end up ultimately crashing the computer. It also resulted in some less than stellar presentation on-air.

The solution is, ultimately, to replace that computer with a higher caliber system. Due to my budgeting restraints (read: non-existant), I split the duties. The automation runs on the above machine, I then run the streaming/processing system on my newer family computer. So far, so good. It just involved running an audio patch cable between sound cards on the two machines and running the audio through the stream/processor. The major limitation, other than taking up 2 computers now, is that song title info is not brought over from the automation to the other computer running the stream.

I did find it interesting that while the stream/processor combo took upwards of 65% CPU on the older computer it only runs about 13% on the newer one?? My newer computer is a P4 3GHz Hyper-Threading with 3GB RAM.  Pretty interesting finding.

That’s the deal for now. I will try to update you. If you’d like to donate a new computer, that would rock! Otherwise, we will work with what we’ve got and try to make it work. Thanks for listening to the New KXRT!


BHB 2008 – Coming Soon!

Get ready! Each year we bring you a huge show for Halloween! We call it the Big Halloween Broadcast. We have been a little busy with some of these latest changes so we haven’t had a lot of time to plan. We are beginning the planning now. Some of the recent tests we’ve done where I’ve gone on the air live have been very positive towards making the whole event happen.

We will be playing a variety of Halloween-themed music, having fun conversation, taking live phone calls, and it all culminates with a rebroadcast of Orson Welles’ The War of the Worlds, from 1938. We play all this without commercial interruption and the entire rebroadcast without any interruption.

I am looking at some new ideas for bringing in your phone calls, such as over Google’s GTalk service, or Skype. I also might go with just a normal over-the-phone option as worked well last year. If you have ideas, let us know!

As always, I am very excited about this time of year. I understand that we have a month and a half to prepare, that just makes the final product that much better. Submit your ideas here, as a comment or via email at kxrt-studio@marinifamily.org.




Hi all! I know things around here have been a little wacky. I wanted to pop in and just give you all an idea of things that are under way. At this point, our current playlist formula is pretty simple but is continually being tweaked. We will play two country songs, then a pop song, then two country songs, then a rock song, then two country songs, and finally an R&B song. This formula is then repeated. We are working on updating our library with more accurate song tagging to ensure the right songs are played at the right times. This will result in an ever-changing and improving music selection and presentation!

We need your help! If you have any ideas for music, design, playlists, station imaging, anything – let us know! Email us at kxrt-studio@marinifamily.org with your suggestions!

Keep listening and thanks for everything you do to support the New KXRT!


Under Construction

Hi, everyone! This is the new blog page for the New KXRT! As we work to improve on the current success of KXRT in it’s current form, we will also work to improve this page! Come back to visit us often as this site will change and grow just like our internet radio station!

Meanwhile, click HERE to listen live!

Email anything to kxrt-studio@marinifamily.org