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Update to All Country Experiment

What did we learn?? Not much! Hehe.. Well, I learned that if it’s not broke, don’t fix it. Many times throughout the week, I wanted to bail on the experiment as I wasn’t pleased with what results I saw. Since I was getting bored with all country and I love the stuff, it couldn’t be the right move.

Back to normal, then. I really think the current schedule/formula is working and given more time and minor tweaking, it will continue to grow. Ultimately, it would be best if I could have multiple streams featuring their own formats. One station is all 80’s, another for all country and so on. This may happen sometime down the road, but not immediately.

Thanks for your patience as we do our best to build your favorite internet radio station!


New Themed Music Days!

Today, we launched the third of three Themed Music Days! We started at the beginning of May with Manic Mondays where we played all 80’s. Then we launched Boot Scootin’ Wednesdays that features all Country. Today, we bring you FReaKY FrIDaY!!11!! playing all Alternative music!

I’ve updated the Schedule tab with this info as well to help you keep track of all our programming. We really hope this helps you enjoy our station in a more meaningful way. While we’d like you to listen every day, we understand that people’s musical tastes are pretty sensitive and it’s a bit of a risk as far as a station trying to gain a loyal, dedicated audience, to offer such variety. We do it for a few reasons. First, we’re not your typical FM music radio station! We have much more freedom to make KXRT into anything we’d (and hopefully you’d) like. We also are ok with fans of Country music that may only listen on Wednesdays, or Alternative fans to only listen on Fridays, etc… But we still have three days in the week that feature our regular music selections.

With the aforementioned freedom, we know that things can and probably will change. We hope to keep this schedule in place for at least a few months and get things solid and established for your enjoyment. The way we will change is if you tell us to. Please drop your feedback at any of our “locations”: This page, our Facebook Page, text or call us, or email us! We’re always listening!

Thanks so much for being our friends and listeners!


Special Days on KXRT

Hey Folks!

I’ve mentioned here and there about setting up special days for your listening enjoyment. Starting this coming Wednesday, we will start this new venture with Boot Scootin’ Wednesdays! We’ll start off slow and build up to having three musically themed days per week. We’ll have an all 80’s Day, an all Alternative day and an all Country day. In a few weeks, it should look like this:

  • Another Manic Monday – All 80’s
  • Boot Scootin’ Wednesdays – All Country
  • Freaky Fridays – All Alternative

I’m excited to launch Boot Scootin’ Wednesdays this week! Look for the rest in the coming weeks!

Thanks for listening to KXRT!

Coming in March: The DJ Mike Show

Starting March 6th at 8am (Mountain), we will debut the newest show to air on KXRT: The DJ Mike Show! The DJ Mike Show is two hours of the best of the 80’s and 90’s pop, rock and new wave music. It’s commercial-free and is just growing in syndication. It’s currently on 4 stations, including AM/FM and internet!

We are very excited to have this show on our station and I think it fits in perfectly with our music selection. For your convenience, we will also replay it at 8pm on Saturdays that the Timmy LIVE! Show is not on.

Watch here for updates and further info on the DJ Mike Show!

Fun, New Weekly Feature Planned

I’m excited to tease you all with something I’m working on for you. Growing up listening to radio (a lot!), I loved when stations had their nightly and weekly features. Nightly, they’d usually have a new song they’d test and have all the listeners call in and vote to help the station decide whether to add the song permanently. Weekly, they’d have special weekends, all Disco, all Party Songs, some stations now do all 80’s, etc… I also really enjoyed their countdown shows. Nightly, they’d count down the Hot 7 at 7 or Top 10 at 10, whatever and then on the weekends they would have their Weekly Top 30 shows along with Casey Kasem or Rick Dees.

These were all so fun to listen to and to the stations that keep those shows alive, thank you! I will not tell you exactly what we’re going to be doing, but I’ve mentioned it here. Look here for further updates and to find out what feature we’ll be adding.

Thanks for listening to KXRT!


May’s 100% What? Weekend – 100% 80’s!

Awesome 80's

Totally AWESOME! KXRT will be 100% 80’s the weekend of May 15th! Get out your bright neon spandex, leg warmers, slap-bracelets and Rubik’s Cubes! You’ll hear the likes of Michael Jackson, Madonna, Phil Collins, Rick Springfield, Bananarama, Beastie Boys, and oh, so much more!

And to make this 100% What? Weekend even more authentic, we will be playing all our music from 45’s, 8-tracks, cassettes and Atari 2600 game cartridges! Don’t believe us?? You’d better listen and hear the sonic delight that is Pure 80’s music!

This should be boss, tubular and gnarley, all at the same time! We hope you tune your giant shoulder-mounted Ghetto Blaster in to KXRT for the 100% 80’s Weekend coming to you May 15th!blaster1

-Timmy: EXCELLENT! <air-guitar riff>