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New, easier listening!

This day and age, everyone wants things RIGHT NOW! Even on the web, people have shortcuts and favorites so they can get where they want to go with as few clicks as possible. We want that for you too! Previously, we’ve had some interesting ways to listen, but none have been automatic and have required some effort and plenty of clicks. Now, you can click on one play button and through the magic of the innernetz, America’s Country will start playing!

The best thing here is that you don’t even need to install a player! If your browser supports Flash, our new player will just launch when the page is loaded! It also will show you album art and recently played song titles. We also have our traditional links if your setup doesn’t support Flash, but like before, you’ll need to use a player like Winamp or iTunes to listen.

Here’s the only drawback: the Flash player will only play our High Quality 128 kb/s MP3 stream. That means, if your on a mobile device or have a slower internet connection, you may not get the best results and hear skipping or not even have the stream start. We’re willing to bet that most of you already can play a HQ stream (since I know most of you listen on that stream already!) and this will just make life easier for you!

Coming soon we hope to have additional Flash players for our lower bandwidth stream and our AAC stream. Meanwhile, enjoy our new instant-gratification enabled Flash player! As before, just click on that nifty graphical play button on the right and a new page will load that will auto-launch the Flash player! EASY!!

If you run into any problems, please contact us at or comment here or on Facebook!


High Quality Listening

Listening Options

We are now offering you three choices for listening to KXRT. There are now options for every situation. Our highest quality streams are the 128 kbps MP3 stream and the 64 kbps AAC+ stream. Both offer CD quality sound (better, we think!) and need a high bandwidth connection to enjoy fully. For home listening, if you have a high-speed or broadband connection, feel free to listen on either of those streams. If you have a sweet new Android or iPhone or something else with at least a 3G connection, you should do fine with either of the AAC+ streams. We offer a 32 kbps stream that will give you great sound with very low network usage. While travelling around town, we recommend sticking with the 32 kbps stream as it provides the most solid connection while your phone moves through differing coverages and really good sound quality!

We don’t recommending listening to the 128 kbps MP3 stream on a mobile device. You will most likely get drop-outs and unreliable performance. Feel free to experiment and see what’s best for your setup and where you are. If you run into trouble, please refer to the How To Listen page, above to solve many issues. If you continue to experience issues, please contact me directly: or comment here.


Station Updates!

Update 1: We’ve changed our low bitrate MP3 stream to a PS-AAC stream at the same bitrate. What this means is that for the same amount of bandwidth, you’ll get almost CD Quality stereo sound! Now that iTunes has finally added support for AAC+ streams, this change could be made. Please update your iTunes to version 9 to enjoy this new quality!

Update 2: This Saturday evening, barring anything major, we will have another airing of Timmy LIVE! It will be at 8:00PM Mountain Time. I will have just returned from a big day at the Utah State Fair and should have some incredible stories to share. I will also have a new Timmy LIVE! Top 5 countdown for you and a new featured artist. I’m looking forward to it!

Thanks for listening to KXRT!


Listen Now with iTunes!

overview_download20090909Apple just released their new version of iTunes. Version 9 includes a number of great new features but the best one I can think of is the long absent ability to play an AAC+ stream! Our high quality stream is a 64kbps AAC+ stream and has long struggled to have wider player compatibility. Now with this addition, the streaming format can really explode!

If you have iTunes now and haven’t been prompted to update, head to the Help menu way up at the very top and in that menu, choose Check for Updates. This will get things rolling for you.

If you do not have iTunes, it’s a great player and the iTunes Store is incredible to get not only music but movies, TV shows and podcasts. Head to this LINK or click the iTunes graphic to download your own copy.

You will not automatically see a link to KXRT in the Radio section, yet. To get our stream running, up at the top, click Advanced and then Open Audio Stream. It will open a box to type in a URL. Use this URL for the HQ AAC+ stream: OR, for the MP3 mobile stream: Then hit OK and it should start streaming.

To save this as a favorite, click on the Music on the navigation pane. KXRT should appear at the top of that list. Go to File then New Playlist. Name it KXRT or whatever. Click back on the Music item and drag the KXRT item into that new playlist you just made. You can also right-click on the KXRT item and choose Add to Playlist > KXRT (or whatever you called it). You should do this as you will otherwise have to enter that URL each time.

This is exciting news and should really propel KXRT to the next level! Please pass this around to your friends and family and let them know listening to us has just gotten TONS easier!


More Improvements!

At KXRT, we always strive to provide you with the best entertainment possible. We are constantly trying to improve our sound. Whether it be our mix of music, the quality of the sound, or anything we do, we are constantly researching to make our product better. Starting this week, we’ve increased our stream bandwidth from 48kbps to 64kbps. Since we use the AAC+ streaming encoders, even at 48kbps, it would be considered CD Quality. We decided to stick at 48kbps to conserve our streaming bandwidth but still retain some very high quality sound. Our streaming provider offered an upgraded package and we decided to increase our bitrate to give an even better quality product to you.

If you’re a geek, you probably understand all of this already. If not, here are the basics. Think of our radio station as a big boom box at the end of a tunnel. Many other tunnels hook to this main tunnel and those who put their ears to the ends of their tunnel can hear KXRT. Picture that this big boom box is significantly larger then that main tunnel. Those who are listening only get to hear what is squeezed through that smaller tunnel. Even though AAC+ does an incredible job of squeezing the music without it sounding bad, it’s still limited. What I explained in the first paragraph is basically like me swapping out that smaller main tunnel with a much larger one. The result is music that is less squeezed and therefore, much better sounding. There are some possible negative effects. If you are on a slower DSL connection, this may not come through as smoothly. If you are on a measured connection, like on a PDA or smartphone, this will rack up the usage much faster. These are all considerations we debated on before we made this decision. Industry statistics say the the vast majority of office or home-based internet connections are plenty fast and those with PDAs or smartphones usually have unlimited data plans.

The bottom line? You get an even better sounding KXRT! As always, if you have trouble, please let me know ASAP and we’ll work it out together!