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Timmy LIVE! – Nov. 14th

Yes, folks! The next installment of Timmy LIVE! is coming Saturday, November 14th at 8pm Mountain time! We will have all your favorite features:

  • Timmy LIVE! Top 5 Countdown
  • Featured Artist/Album: ELVIS PRESLEY!
  • LIVE! Video Feed from
  • LIVE! Conversation with you
  • Great music and fun

As we move closer to this next date, we will reveal our featured artist/album. Also, just have in mind the fact that it’ll most likely be the last non-Christmas music Timmy LIVE! show this year!

Keep watching this site for updates and information!


** Station Update: We changed our low bandwidth stream back to a mono MP3 stream at 32kbps. We researched things and found that MP3 is still the most universal format for streaming on smaller devices or lower bandwidth situations.

** ALSO: We proudly present the 2009 KXRT No Christmas Music Guarantee! There will be no Christmas songs played until midnight of 11/27/09 (The day after Thanksgiving).

BHB 2009


Ladies and Gentlemen! Boys and Girls! Ghosts and Goblins! Zombies and Witches! Vampires and Fictional Characters! The rest of you! Coming Saturday, October 31st, on KXRT is the 2009 edition of the Big Halloween Broadcast! An entire day of fun music, scary stories and just a good time!

All day, we’ll be playing fun music. At 6pm(MDT), the party gets started with an hour of spooky sound effects to provide the right atmosphere. Then, at 7pm, we go LIVE on KXRT with your phone calls and emails! We’ll share your favorite stories, the best/worst costumes, tips and tricks for trick or treating and so much more! At 8pm, we’ll replay, in it’s entirety, the original 1938 broadcast of Orson Wells’ Mercury Theatre presentation of The War of the Worlds!

For the rest of the night, we’ll take more calls, play more fun music and activities. I hope you’ll have us up loud all Halloween Day. It will be the biggest and best BHB, ever.

Have a happy and safe Halloween!


Show 2 a huge blast!

Thanks, everyone for listening to KXRT’s Timmy LIVE! show last night. It was a big success and so much fun! I had a blast talking to Brandy, Steve, John and my dear Mother, Patty. You all were a blast and a huge part of the fun. Audience participation is always key!

Here’s the question: I recorded the show and it’s a 200mb MP3 file. I can post hit here and you can listen to it as you wish. The other option is I can pick a day of the week to replay it. What do you prefer? I also guess I could do both.

I need to edit the file a bit, but I should be able to get it uploaded here and on the playlist for a day this coming week.

Let me know!


Big success!

Timmy LIVE! was so much fun! I had a blast talking to all of you! Things went almost flawlessly. I was using another computer to record the show and it crashed about 90 minutes in. I only got about 30 mins recorded. Other than that, things went swimmingly! Thank you for all your feedback! I got notes from some who couldn’t get things to launch. I will refer you all to the How To Listen page that is linked on top of the page. If you have Winamp, you should be able to play either stream. If you have Windows Media, VLC, iTunes, anything really, you should be able to listen to the MP3 stream. Our next show should be Saturday the 19th and if you have trouble, call in and I will try to assist. Feel free to post any connection issues as a comment here or on the How To Listen page.

I will keep you updated on our next show’s time and date. Thanks again for listening!


More Improvements!

At KXRT, we always strive to provide you with the best entertainment possible. We are constantly trying to improve our sound. Whether it be our mix of music, the quality of the sound, or anything we do, we are constantly researching to make our product better. Starting this week, we’ve increased our stream bandwidth from 48kbps to 64kbps. Since we use the AAC+ streaming encoders, even at 48kbps, it would be considered CD Quality. We decided to stick at 48kbps to conserve our streaming bandwidth but still retain some very high quality sound. Our streaming provider offered an upgraded package and we decided to increase our bitrate to give an even better quality product to you.

If you’re a geek, you probably understand all of this already. If not, here are the basics. Think of our radio station as a big boom box at the end of a tunnel. Many other tunnels hook to this main tunnel and those who put their ears to the ends of their tunnel can hear KXRT. Picture that this big boom box is significantly larger then that main tunnel. Those who are listening only get to hear what is squeezed through that smaller tunnel. Even though AAC+ does an incredible job of squeezing the music without it sounding bad, it’s still limited. What I explained in the first paragraph is basically like me swapping out that smaller main tunnel with a much larger one. The result is music that is less squeezed and therefore, much better sounding. There are some possible negative effects. If you are on a slower DSL connection, this may not come through as smoothly. If you are on a measured connection, like on a PDA or smartphone, this will rack up the usage much faster. These are all considerations we debated on before we made this decision. Industry statistics say the the vast majority of office or home-based internet connections are plenty fast and those with PDAs or smartphones usually have unlimited data plans.

The bottom line? You get an even better sounding KXRT! As always, if you have trouble, please let me know ASAP and we’ll work it out together!


Station Upgrade Coming!

Heya! I was recently able to get a good deal on a better system for the KXRT broadcast! I am currently prepping it to go live. It has higher speeds, more RAM and is just better all-around. I am still scrimping and saving to get a newer system in place. Ultimately that would be the best. Meanwhile, it’s baby steps.

If all goes well, I should have things in place this weekend to go live. I may have to bring the entire station down for a couple hours to get it all setup.  I will do my best to make it a fast and seemless transition. This will benefit all of you as things will run much smoother and I will have to interrupt the stream much less often.

I will also be upgrading my sound processor from the home edition to the more professional version. That’s down the road a little still. This will give us better control of how our station sounds. It will be more consistent and brighter and more clear sounding. Check out Breakaway Live!

Thanks for your patience and your listenership!


PS: Keep telling your friends, coworkers and family about us! Give them the link to this site to get them started! Thanks!