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New Shows!

Our New Shows

We launched two exciting shows over the past week. One is a returning show and the other is a brand new show for us. We’re proud to bring back The Texas Country Music Countdown. Hear the top 20 songs from the Red Dirt and Texas Country music charts each Saturday at noon Mountain time. Host Kenny Schneebeli presents a fun and fast-paced countdown show. He features hot artists from this unique sub-genre of Country music.

We are excited to now have a new morning show! Each weekday from 6am-10am, we present The John & Heidi Show. Husband and wife team up to bring fun and entertaining information and news. Click on each of the show’s titles to be taken to their websites and find out more about these great shows.

We’re happy to add these cool and upbeat shows to our already amazing selection of Hot Country Hits and great classics from the 90s! Please listen to these shows and give us your feedback. We’ll pass it along to them.

Thanks so much for listening!


Exciting WTT Changes

For the past weeks, we’ve been using the BDS Radio Airplay charts to create our Weekly Top 10. This is an excellent source as it gives a true impression of what the Country Music industry is doing and how music is moving around. Many syndicated shows use that chart or ones like it for their countdowns. I also use that in addition to your requests to create our daily playlists and what songs get more or less air time. Starting this weekend, we will be changing to another source for the WTT: our own air play stats. We already track and report every song we play for our royalty and licensing provider. We are now using that data to figure and calculate the ten most played songs for that previous week.

We will pull that report every Monday and post it to our WTT page at this link: we will still leave the #1 song a mystery until the show has been broadcast. We will also indicate movement in the charts with our nifty little arrow icons.

Another major improvement to the show is our new professionally produced show introduction and elements. Huge thanks to Gavan Bruderer Productions for his excellent work! Find a link to his site on our list of links on the side column. This will add some professionalism and familiarity to the show that will stay consistent for the long-term. You will feel the energy and excitement that goes into making the show each week.

Thank you for listening to America’s Country!


2010 Christmas Countdown

I’ve put together all your submissions of your top 5 Christmas songs. It was an interesting challenge as some of you like the same songs but by different artists. A couple of times I had to use some method to pick which version to use! I recorded and mixed it all earlier this week and what came out was 45 minutes of pure Christmas magic!

This show will play a few times between now and Christmas:

  • Dec 11th: 1:00pm
  • Dec 15th: 5:00pm
  • Dec 18th: 1:00pm
  • Dec 24th: 8:00pm
  • (All times Mountain)

Thanks again for your participation! Merry Christmas!


New Countdown Show Premiers 8-14

We just secured a spot to broadcast a new Top 40-style Top 20 countdown! Confused? Well, typically, Top 40 is a name given to a specific format of hit music radio. In the industry it’s also called CHR, or Contemporary Hit Radio. It means that whatever your teenagers are listening to. Artists like Katy Perry, Lady GaGa, Boys Like Girls, IYAZ, and many more are your typical fodder for Top 40. On KXRT, we’ve not really gotten too deep into this format as it tends to lean a little rhythmic/R&B for my personal likings but I’ve seen some huge hits and have selectively added them in.

In an effort to improve our Top 40 offerings, I’ve previewed this new weekly Top 20 countdown and it sounds really good. It’s called the Weekend 20. Dakota James is the host and he fits in with the genre perfectly as he is 19 years old. He works at a couple of radio stations as a night host and producer. There isn’t too much yet in the way of internet presence for this show but he has a twitter account at He is working on a website as well as a Facebook page.

This program will premier this coming Saturday at Noon, Mountain Time. It runs 90 minutes and will follow the DJ Mike show at 8am and the ACC Top 20 at 10am. It’s fast paced, exciting and most importantly, commercial free! Based on the almost real-time ratings from RadioWave Monitor, the Weekend 20 will be a great addition to our weekend programming offerings. We hope you will join us and listen!



Tonight at 8pm (Mountain), we are doing it LIVE! The Timmy LIVE! Show, exclusively on KXRT! Tonight’s Featured Artist is Lady Antebellum! Hear their biggest hits and some unreleased tracks too! Our phone lines are wide open all night: 801-788-4916 Call or Text your requests!

Lady Antebelllum
Lady Antebellum

The Next Timmy LIVE! Show: 10/10 8pm

Yes, ladies, gentlemen and the rest of us! Saturday night at 8pm (Mountain Time), another broadcast of the Timmy LIVE! Show will air only on KXRT!

Look forward to a new Timmy LIVE! Top 5 Countdown and a new Featured Artist/Album. I can’t tell you who it will be this time around because it’s just too cool to give away so soon! The only hint is it’s not a specific artist or group and it’s not technically an album. It is a CD I do have in my hot little hands right now. It will be fun!

Look for us Saturday night at 8pm right here on KXRT!