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New design and more!

Hi folks! I want to just bring you up to date with some of the cool and exciting changes going on. Most recently, we worked with a great company to design a new look for America’s Country. We’ve made all the changes and are super excited about this! We’ve had some great looking representation of our brand up to this point but this is a major improvement. If you’re around and still see any of our old logos still out there, please hit me up and we’ll get it taken care of.

We’ve also made some more improvements to our audio. We truly strive to be the best sounding Hot Country Hits station in the world! Thanks to great technology like digital processing from Stereo Tool and music playback and scheduling from Station Playlist, we are very confident that we will achieve our goal! Click the highlighted items above to find out more about these great tools.

To help support us, there are many ways. You can always visit and purchase products from our sponsors who have their ads on the air. You can click on banner ads on our web sites (please disable your ad blocker tools!). And you can make a donation with our PayPal links. Now, we added an shopping widget on our main website. The cool thing here is that you make the same purchases at the same prices from Amazon, and they pay us back! All of this is designed to be available for you but not be obnoxious and get in your way. We appreciate all that you do to support America’s Country. Thank you all!

Thank you all for your support and for listening to America’s Country!


We REALLY need your help!

Here’s the deal. I need money! Operating a legal and legit internet radio station costs money. Besides streaming bandwidth, we have to pay royalties and other fees to those who give us music. It’s a crappy deal, not that the artists don’t deserve it, but that traditional radio doesn’t have to pay! Regardless, I REALLY REALLY want to stay commercial free and I even more really really want to keep doing this. The solution?? You donate to us! You can make a one-time donation or setup a monthly subscription. Click the Donate feature up there, next to the Listen feature and you can proceed. I’ll be completely honest. I can’t afford this. It’s not fair to my family for me to be draining this money. I love my sweet wife and she is being “ok” with it for now. I know she’s not thrilled. I really only need about $100 a month to break even. I promise that the money will ONLY go to the operation of this station. You can also click our banner ads on our website and our stream launch page. Every little bit helps. I’m afraid this will not last much longer and it breaks my heart. Please show how much I know you love us by helping us out. Thank you.