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Changes to The Weekly Top 10

Yes, more changes! Based on some feedback, I’ve decided to change what the Weekly Top 10 is. Because the ACC Top 20 and my show follow each other, there’s potential for a lot of song repetition. We do use different charts and data resources, but when it gets into the top 10, there just isn’t much difference. I’ve come up with a new concept for the Weekly Top 10 that I think you’ll be excited about.

Starting this weekend, the Weekly Top 10 will no longer be the current top 10 chart. We will feature a  Top 10 chart from that week in a previous year. For example, this weekend, we will feature the Top 10 from March 9th, 1996. I will post that chart on the normal WTT page and leave the #1 song as a surprise. I will also try to gather information from that year and get some artist quotes to throw in. We will still have Extras and Double-Shots to keep things fun! The years will be from 1990 to 2010.

This should be a lot of fun! I’m looking forward to bringing this historic look at Country Music’s charts from the past two decades! If you have any ideas or suggestions about this, please comment here or on Facebook!


New Countdown Show Premiers 8-14

We just secured a spot to broadcast a new Top 40-style Top 20 countdown! Confused? Well, typically, Top 40 is a name given to a specific format of hit music radio. In the industry it’s also called CHR, or Contemporary Hit Radio. It means that whatever your teenagers are listening to. Artists like Katy Perry, Lady GaGa, Boys Like Girls, IYAZ, and many more are your typical fodder for Top 40. On KXRT, we’ve not really gotten too deep into this format as it tends to lean a little rhythmic/R&B for my personal likings but I’ve seen some huge hits and have selectively added them in.

In an effort to improve our Top 40 offerings, I’ve previewed this new weekly Top 20 countdown and it sounds really good. It’s called the Weekend 20. Dakota James is the host and he fits in with the genre perfectly as he is 19 years old. He works at a couple of radio stations as a night host and producer. There isn’t too much yet in the way of internet presence for this show but he has a twitter account at He is working on a website as well as a Facebook page.

This program will premier this coming Saturday at Noon, Mountain Time. It runs 90 minutes and will follow the DJ Mike show at 8am and the ACC Top 20 at 10am. It’s fast paced, exciting and most importantly, commercial free! Based on the almost real-time ratings from RadioWave Monitor, the Weekend 20 will be a great addition to our weekend programming offerings. We hope you will join us and listen!


New Themed Music Days!

Today, we launched the third of three Themed Music Days! We started at the beginning of May with Manic Mondays where we played all 80’s. Then we launched Boot Scootin’ Wednesdays that features all Country. Today, we bring you FReaKY FrIDaY!!11!! playing all Alternative music!

I’ve updated the Schedule tab with this info as well to help you keep track of all our programming. We really hope this helps you enjoy our station in a more meaningful way. While we’d like you to listen every day, we understand that people’s musical tastes are pretty sensitive and it’s a bit of a risk as far as a station trying to gain a loyal, dedicated audience, to offer such variety. We do it for a few reasons. First, we’re not your typical FM music radio station! We have much more freedom to make KXRT into anything we’d (and hopefully you’d) like. We also are ok with fans of Country music that may only listen on Wednesdays, or Alternative fans to only listen on Fridays, etc… But we still have three days in the week that feature our regular music selections.

With the aforementioned freedom, we know that things can and probably will change. We hope to keep this schedule in place for at least a few months and get things solid and established for your enjoyment. The way we will change is if you tell us to. Please drop your feedback at any of our “locations”: This page, our Facebook Page, text or call us, or email us! We’re always listening!

Thanks so much for being our friends and listeners!


Review: KXRT Tools

Friends! In our continuing effort to increase our accessibility to you, I’d like to provide a catalog of all our tools we have to help you connect with KXRT.

Keep listening and check into all these tools to improve your KXRT experience!


New Station Imaging!

Thanks to Gavan Bruderer Productions, we’ve got some really great station IDs that we’re going to be launching early this week! We’ll still be using our same voice guy/gal but they will be really spiced up with sound effects and such to really make them POP! Keep listening and you’ll surely notice the improvements!

We really want to keep that FM Radio sound here on KXRT. The internet opens up so much opportunity to be original and take risks. We want to approach that attitude from the familiar sounding standpoint of traditional FM Radio. I grew up listening to great radio in the Seattle, WA area and really that’s what ignited that spark within me of the love of radio. While KXRT isn’t following the standard procedures of what is now really vanilla and cookie-cutter sound of today’s radio, we are still anchored in how radio should and did sound. We play no commercials, we have a huge library of music, and we play those songs that radio today just will not touch.

We thank you for listening and hope you continue to do so and also invite your friends and relatives to do the same! Have a happy and safe St. Patrick’s Day!


DJ Mike Show and a HUGE Announcement

Remember kiddies, this Saturday Morning at 7/10a (PST/EST) we are debuting the DJ Mike Show on KXRT. The DJ Mike Show is a syndicated two hour program featuring the biggest hits of the 80’s and 90’s along with some classic TV trivia. Like KXRT, it’s huge, it’s fun and it’s commercial free! We will replay it on Saturday nights at 7/10pm (PST/EST) when we’re not doing the Timmy Live! Show.

We also have another HUGE announcement coming Monday morning! We’re really excited to be growing in such a great way!

Make sure you’re listening to KXRT all weekend and then especially Monday morning for me to make our HUGE announcement, LIVE!  I will break the news at 8/11am (PST/EST).

Hop over to our Facebook Fan Page at and be our fan! Keep up with us at and see what we’re playing at