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Coming up…

Hey friends! I wanted to post a few items of business coming up in the next little bit. Starting in October, I will be starting to mix in some Halloween music. This will be music that isn’t Country, but is appropriate for the Season. You’ll hear great tunes like Ghostbusters, Thriller and Monster Mash. I know there are some of you die-hard fans that may find it difficult to bear such a burden. Rest assured, it will only be 1-2 songs per hour. In the past, I’ve also programmed a special day of all Halloween music and a live show on Halloween night. Due to other previous commitments, I will not be able to do this. However, I will be able to continue the tradition of playing the original broadcast of the War of the Worlds from 1948! This will be played, in it’s entirety at 8pm Mountain. Pretty exciting stuff!

The next item is our 100% Christmas music that begins the day after Thanksgiving. On November 25th, we go all Christmas! This is a long-held tradition on this station, for years before we became America’s Country. Since we are a Country station now, we will try to have more Christmas songs performed by Country performers. We also only play 2 station IDs per hour, this means very low interruption so you can play our station in your homes or your businesses and it will create a wonderful soundtrack for the Holiday Season. Christmas music will go all the way up to New Year’s Eve. Of course, we will be commercial-free so why would you listen to anything else?

I’m really excited for the coming months here at America’s Country! Keep your eyes peeled as we will for sure have more info and details as things get closer. Thank you for listening and sticking with America’s Country!


48 Hours of solid Christmas Music!

Merry Christmas from KXRT! As our gift to you this year for listening, we are giving you two full days of Christmas Music with no interruption. Since the day after Thanksgiving, we’ve only interrupted the music twice an hour to identify the station. Beginning at midnight Christmas Eve (12/24), we will have NO interruptions. a solid 48 hour block of pure Christmas music. No station IDs, no commercials, no talk, NO INTERRUPTIONS! On midnight of 12/26, we will return to our normal two station IDs per hour.

Our gift to you this Christmas, only on KXRT!

Merry Christmas!

100% Christmas Music!

KXRT is now featuring 100% Christmas Music! Commercial Free! Very low interruption (ONLY twice an hour!)! No DJ Chatter! HUGE Variety! With nearly 2000 different songs in our Christmas library, you will hear songs from many genres, generations, and styles!

We welcome your feedback and encourage your requests. We are also taking your Holiday Wishes on our Listener Voicemail: 801-788-4916. Call in and wish us a Merry Christmas!

We sincerely hope you enjoy our selection of Christmas and Holiday favorites (and even not-so-favorites!) on KXRT this season!

Merry Christams from KXRT!


Christmas Music 2009

christmasmusicYes, our current 2009 No Christmas Music ’till 11/27 Guarantee is still in effect. However, on the stroke of midnight after you’ve finished eating that delicious bird and the tryptophan has worn off, that promise is history!

Like every year, KXRT will be changing our format from the biggest hits of the past 30+ years to the biggest and best Christmas hits of the past 100 years!

As always, this will be commercial-free, very limited interruption and at the very least, quite interesting. We will, of course, have your typical Christmas Music standards performed by those you know and love. But we always try to find those not-so-standard tunes that might make you take a second look at your speakers!

This year, we have the now playing information worked out. If you recall, I didn’t have it working yet last year. We also have added a second low bandwidth stream for more flexibility and availability. Click up on How To Listen for all the details.

I am very excited to present this to you all. It will be fun and a good time for all. I encourage you all to spread the word to everyone you know. Your family, friends, co-workers, parishioners, anyone! I will be upgrading our bandwidth here to open our streams up for more listeners as well.

We hope to see you all there at midnight on Friday, the 27th ONLY on KXRT!


BHB 2009


Ladies and Gentlemen! Boys and Girls! Ghosts and Goblins! Zombies and Witches! Vampires and Fictional Characters! The rest of you! Coming Saturday, October 31st, on KXRT is the 2009 edition of the Big Halloween Broadcast! An entire day of fun music, scary stories and just a good time!

All day, we’ll be playing fun music. At 6pm(MDT), the party gets started with an hour of spooky sound effects to provide the right atmosphere. Then, at 7pm, we go LIVE on KXRT with your phone calls and emails! We’ll share your favorite stories, the best/worst costumes, tips and tricks for trick or treating and so much more! At 8pm, we’ll replay, in it’s entirety, the original 1938 broadcast of Orson Wells’ Mercury Theatre presentation of The War of the Worlds!

For the rest of the night, we’ll take more calls, play more fun music and activities. I hope you’ll have us up loud all Halloween Day. It will be the biggest and best BHB, ever.

Have a happy and safe Halloween!