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February is HOT!

Typically, February isn’t known as a month that brings warm weather, much less hot! I’ve got two big announcements that will make February cook!

Announcement #1: The Bobby D Show is back! Starting Feb. 1st at 6am Mountain, we’re bringing Bobby Back! We were carrying his show before all the holidays last fall and we miss him! He will be back with all his news, celebrity gossip and killer interviews! Bobby D puts on a great show! He has callers, guests and even some great contests. We’re thrilled to be bringing back the Bobby D Show!

Announcement #2: For those who have been around for some time, remember when we played a HUGE variety of pop/rock/country and were called KXRT. Our weekend shows included a very talented host named DJ Mike. He is now back and counts down the top 10 country hits on his weekly show, The DJ Mike Hot Country Throwdown! Along with the 10 biggest, DJ Mike also plays some great music from the past 20 years and has our favorite artists talking about their music and their lives. The show will play Saturday nights at 7pm Mountain and we invite you to check it out!

Bonus Announcement: (Yeah, we hooked you up with extra!) The former host of The ACC Top 20, Stephen Keogh has been chosen as the new voice of America’s Country! We’re excited to have his great Irish accent filling the spaces between the songs! His voice should add a touch of class and be very unique!

Thank you all for listening to America’s Country in 2012! If you ever need anything, please email me directly: Or, you can always comment on our social media pages and call 801-788-4916. Happy Valentine’s Day!


Thank you, Stephen!

Stephen Keogh
Stephen Keogh

Stephen Keogh, the venerable host of our weekend countdown show American Country Chart Top 20, has decided to discontinue the show. He cited reasons of time constraints as well as some financial aspects that have prevented him from continuing the program.

We are deeply saddened by this announcement and wish to convey our deep gratitude to Stephen for his incredible talent and contribution to making our station the success it’s become in the last year.

Stephen is still the morning host for KFM in Kildare, Ireland and you can either stream the show live or listen to podcasts from each episode on their website: HERE

We wish Stephen the best for 2012 and thank him for all he has done for America’s Country!