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Timmy LIVE! Tonight 8pm!!

Check your watches because in the next few hours, the next installment of Timmy LIVE! will be on the air! 8pm Mountain, 7pm Pacific, 9pm Central and 10pm Eastern!! Be there! You don’t want to miss this one!!!

Bookmark this URL: This is the video feed for tonight’s show!

This is gonna be good!


The Next Timmy LIVE! Show: 10/10 8pm

Yes, ladies, gentlemen and the rest of us! Saturday night at 8pm (Mountain Time), another broadcast of the Timmy LIVE! Show will air only on KXRT!

Look forward to a new Timmy LIVE! Top 5 Countdown and a new Featured Artist/Album. I can’t tell you who it will be this time around because it’s just too cool to give away so soon! The only hint is it’s not a specific artist or group and it’s not technically an album. It is a CD I do have in my hot little hands right now. It will be fun!

Look for us Saturday night at 8pm right here on KXRT!


LIVE! Shout-Outs

shoutOne of our devoted fans requested an area to be able to submit Shout-Outs for the Timmy LIVE! show. I created a page up top called LIVE! Shout-Outs and you can go there and leave a comment with your Shout-Outs! Easy! I will check these before the show and read them live on the show!

This was a great idea and I really like the feedback and suggestions!


UPDATE! I’ve created a new page called Timmy LIVE! This will describe the show and also provide space for your Shout-Outs!

The Next Timmy LIVE! Show

We have penciled in October 10th as our next Timmy LIVE! broadcast! If this changes, we will update you here! This time, we’re adding a live webcam broadcast! Here is the link (not live yet, sillys!) Live Link

This will be a first. I will be testing along the way to make sure things are working as they should and give you a heads-up about anything to look out for.

Thanks to USTREAM for the free webcam stream!

Thanks to you all for listening to KXRT!


Big success!

Timmy LIVE! was so much fun! I had a blast talking to all of you! Things went almost flawlessly. I was using another computer to record the show and it crashed about 90 minutes in. I only got about 30 mins recorded. Other than that, things went swimmingly! Thank you for all your feedback! I got notes from some who couldn’t get things to launch. I will refer you all to the How To Listen page that is linked on top of the page. If you have Winamp, you should be able to play either stream. If you have Windows Media, VLC, iTunes, anything really, you should be able to listen to the MP3 stream. Our next show should be Saturday the 19th and if you have trouble, call in and I will try to assist. Feel free to post any connection issues as a comment here or on the How To Listen page.

I will keep you updated on our next show’s time and date. Thanks again for listening!


First Live Show – Sept 5th

UPDATE 2!! This week’s show will go as planned, future shows will continue on a bi-weekly schedule.

UPDATE!! This show has been moved to 8:00 AM (MDT)! The future shows will be at 8 PM.

We are putting the finishing touches on our new live shows and we are ready to present our debut live show! Tune in Saturday at 8pm (Mountain Daylight Time) to hear some great features and conversation along with the great music you are expecting. Below is a rough schedule of how the shows will go.

  • 8:30-9:00: Featured Artist or Album – We will feature an artist or group each week. We will have facts and some interviews to help you get to know these performers better. We will also pick an album and play some tracks and talk about the significance of that record. This will rotate from week to week.
  • 9:00-10:00: Music and Conversation – We open the phone lines and invite you all to comment on what means most to you. We can talk about music, politics, religion, love, kids, money or anything. Use our voicemail number: 801-788-4916 to reach out!

Since the above is just a sketch of how the shows will go, expect some adjustments or changes. I will post shortly with the plan for the first show! We are very excited about this and hope that it will grow from a simple two hour show to something bigger! Please mark your calendars for September 5th at 8pm (mountain). We also hope you will bring your friends and family along!

As a side note, you may catch us butting in to test our new equipment. We’re just making sure that we’re good to go by 9/5.