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Great New Music!

Thompson Square

In the past few weeks, Nashville’s been pumping out a lot of great new music! We’re excited to add new music and aren’t too picky like some Country stations out there. I listen and if it sounds Hot, I’ll roll it!

Husband and wife duo, Thompson Square, released their third single called I Got You and it’s gonna fly up the charts! This team sound so good together and the songs they sing are so real-life and true, it’s hard not to enjoy each one. Their first single, Let’s Fight, and their recent #1, Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not, all fit that bill perfectly! We’re excited to hear each new track from Thompson Square!

The new trio of super-star progeny, Stealing Angels, have released their new song, Paper Heart. It’s a moving song that really touches on some tough emotional challenges. We had a lot of fun with their last song, He Better Be Dead, and hope they get some chart traction with this beautiful tune.

From his upcoming fourth album, Rodney Atkins has another hit on his hands with Take A Back Road. Following on the heels of his Top 5 single, Farmer’s Daughter, Rodney hopes for a #1 with this new single.

Sunny Sweeney follows up From A Table Away with her 2nd release, Staying’s Worse Than Leaving. Response has been very good with this song and we hope Sunny will have great success with this new track!

We already have these songs in our regular rotation and invite you to comment on these songs and others! You can request your favorites by Text or phone call at 801-788-4916. You can also post your requests on our Facebook page, HERE.

Thank you for listening to America’s Country!


Our new site!

Welcome to our new website! This one was a long in the works and it’s finally here! We moved from the super-reliable and excellent servers to our own self-hosted site. We love WordPress and it’s flexibility, security and speed. With the launch of our new format back on New Year’s we’ve been able to look at more opportunities with advertising and contests. does allow a lot of flexibility, however, they do not allow any advertising. It quickly became necessary to look at other solutions.

As mentioned, WordPress is excellent and a lot of major companies, including some of the largest radio corporations run all their station’s sites from WordPress. It’s a great platform. Here are some of the features this new platform allows:

  • advertising (we will not advertise on the air but we feel like we could make things better for you if we were able to bring in some money somehow)
  • featured article slider
  • mobile site compatibility
  • faster load-times
  • more themes and layouts
  • polls
  • so much more we’re just learning about

We hope you will explore the site and let us know what you like or don’t. We’ll be happy to make any adjustments for you!


Changes to The Weekly Top 10

Yes, more changes! Based on some feedback, I’ve decided to change what the Weekly Top 10 is. Because the ACC Top 20 and my show follow each other, there’s potential for a lot of song repetition. We do use different charts and data resources, but when it gets into the top 10, there just isn’t much difference. I’ve come up with a new concept for the Weekly Top 10 that I think you’ll be excited about.

Starting this weekend, the Weekly Top 10 will no longer be the current top 10 chart. We will feature a  Top 10 chart from that week in a previous year. For example, this weekend, we will feature the Top 10 from March 9th, 1996. I will post that chart on the normal WTT page and leave the #1 song as a surprise. I will also try to gather information from that year and get some artist quotes to throw in. We will still have Extras and Double-Shots to keep things fun! The years will be from 1990 to 2010.

This should be a lot of fun! I’m looking forward to bringing this historic look at Country Music’s charts from the past two decades! If you have any ideas or suggestions about this, please comment here or on Facebook!


America’s Country!

As you might have heard or read on Facebook, starting January 1st at midnight, KXRT will begin playing a Hot Country music format and be called America’s Country! Due to the increasing popularity and success of Country music radio, TV and other media, we felt it was our best opportunity to make this change. We’ve been playing a lot of Country music as it was this past year and we feel this is a natural evolution. Research also shows that while the Internet allows for more flexibility and creativity, the same standards hold true: people that like Country music will typically not like Rock or R&B and likewise, people who like Rock or R&B will generally not like Country. We feel like with hot artists such as Taylor Swift, Lady Antebellum, Kenny Chesney and Rascal Flatts, there’s a lot of fans out there that will be charged up about a commercial-free, upbeat, Hot Country Internet station.

We will design our playlists with the hot, new Country hits that are topping the charts as the main focus. We will also reach back to the last two decades of big Country hits ad mix them in for variety and fun. You’ll hear Jason Aldean along with Clint Black and Lady A along with Garth Brooks. It will be a lot of fun to listen to for hours while you’re at work or at home. We will keep the tempo hot and not bog you down with a lot of slow, sappy ballads! It will be energetic, upbeat and fun!

We are very excited and charged up about this new direction. 2011 will be a landmark year for KXRT. America’s Country also lends itself to being patriotic. You’ll hear specials on National Holidays like Veteran’s Day, Patriot Day and more. We will continue to broadcast our Country-related weekend programming. We love Stephen Keogh’s ACC Top 20 and I will resume producing the Weekly Top 10. The Timmy LIVE! Show, as previously posted about, will return in some fashion probably in late Q1 2011. I still need to recreate it to match our new format. We will also keep our Sunday LDS music programming.

All of our links and websites will remain the same. This main webpage, the Facebook Page, the Twitters and our email and phone number will all remain as they currently are. The name KXRT will still be referred to but in a more limited fashion. We love the call letters KXRT, but we want to give center stage to our new moniker, America’s Country.

Our plan for the last few days of 2010 will be to keep playing 100% Christmas Music while we tweak and adjust as well as load our server with all the hot, new Country to be ready for our launch on New Year’s! Please be patient as we will be doing a lot of work on things and the stream may go down or have other trouble during this time. We will also be adjusting the sound and you might hear some widely varying sound levels and quality. We’ll try to keep things sounding good, but we wanted to better inform you so you know what you can expect.

Your input and ideas are always welcome! Please contact us through our many ways, email:, Phone: 801-788-4916, Facebook comment, Website comment, Tweet:, any number of ways to reach us. We look forward to hearing from you!

Enjoy the rest of 2010 and we hope to have you listening just after you celebrate the New Year to help us celebrate the launch of America’s Country!


100% Christmas Music 2010!

OK, all you jolly folks! It’s time to roll out the fun and frivolity of 100% Christmas Music! We’ve got a huge library just bursting to be played! Over a century of great Holiday favorites! Here’s what we’re going to do for you:

  • Absolutely NO COMMERCIALS
  • Very few station IDs to interrupt the joy (only 2x an hour!)
  • Absolutely NO DJ Talk (holiday weekend programming excepted)
  • Absolutely NO Non-Christmas/Holiday Music
  • 24/7 Christmas Music from midnight on Friday 11/26 through midnight on Friday 12/31

A few notes to be aware of:

  • Weekend shows that do not feature Christmas music will be postponed until 2011
  • Sundays will NOT feature LDS Music, “An Inspired Selection”
  • There will be no more Timmy LIVE! Shows this year
  • Webcam updates will resume in 2011
  • We will return the 128kbps MP3 stream!

How you can participate:

  • Invite your family and friends to listen!
  • Leave a Holiday Message or Greeting on our Listener Voicemail: 801-788-4916
  • Call, Text, Email or Comment your Holiday Song requests!
  • Have KXRT playing all day at home, at work and in the car!
  • ‘LIKE’ our Facebook Page:

We look forward to being your Christmas Music Soundtrack this Holiday Season! Please share this post with the buttons provided below!

Thank you and Happy Holidays!


Nuclear 90’s – Fridays on KXRT

We just launched our new Friday music theme! The Nuclear 90’s were a decade of two US presidents, a dot com explosion and fall-out, a Desert Storm, and some incredible music! The Nuclear 90’s were a lifestyle of 20-year old millionaires and some great prosperity through something called New Media, or the Internet. As the last decade of the 20th Century, the Nuclear 90’s ushered us into a postmodern society lush with opportunity and promise.

The Nuclear 90’s were also riddled with many wars and conflicts across the globe. Starting with the Gulf War, when Saddam Hussein’s Iraq attacked Kuwait. During the 90’s through 2003, Iraq was cut off from most of the world. Other wars happened in Chechnya, the Yugoslav regions, and Kosovo. 1994 brought the Rwandan Genocide.

Stateside, we had the LA Riots in 1992 and the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995. We also saw David Koresh’s Branch Davidian standoff and siege in Waco, TX in Spring of 1993.

Technology boomed in the Nuclear 90’s! Apple launched the iMac. Intel released the first Pentium processor. The first CD-RW drives are introduced. In 1991, the first public release of a plan to create a World Wide Web was announced. Pagers are popular at first and cell phones explode into the market. Microsoft acquires Hotmail and releases Windows 95 and later, Windows 98 to enormous response and success. Mac OS X is released soon before the Y2K scare puts the entire world on alert of a technological crash. In the UK, Dolly the sheep became the world’s first cloned animal. We saw the launch in 1990 of the Hubble space telescope which has enabled us to photograph far distant objects in space. The GPS system was also brought to the public for navigation and location use. The Nuclear 90’s were an incredible decade!

President George Herbert Walker Bush took office as the 41st US President in 1989 after serving as Ronald Reagan’s Vice President from 1981 to 1989. He was party to the fall of the Berlin Wall and of the Soviet Union. He had a record high approval rating of 89% until his promise of “no new taxes” had to be broken due to economic recession. He would never regain his high ratings and was defeated in 1992 by Bill Clinton.

President William Jefferson Clinton took office in 1992 as the 42nd US President. He saw the end of the Cold War during his first term and due to the US having the longest period of peacetime economic expansion, he was re-elected for a second term. His presidency wasn’t perfect. You may recall one Monica Lewinsky, a White House intern. He was impeached for perjury and was later acquitted by the Senate.

Musically, the US saw a big shift from guitar-driven rock into a more rhythmic or dance-oriented style. We saw the Seattle music scene, or Grunge, start to wildly expand into contemporary music. We saw the continuation of teen-pop with boy and girl bands gain huge popularity. Hip Hop, Rap and R&B surged with huge hits and a lot of radio support. MTV had pretty much gone away from music by the Nuclear 90’s and music videos declined in importance. We also saw a massive uprising in the acceptance and availability of Country music.

We wanted to capture the feel of the decade with a musical portrait that envelopes all things that the Nuclear 90’s gave us. Each Friday you’ll hear the biggest radio hits of the 90’s! From Vanilla Ice and Backstreet Boys to Britney Spears to Natalie Imbruglia to Metallica to Boyz II Men to Warrant to Phil Collins to Candyman to Alice in Chains and on and on and on. We will also be able to guarantee a huge variety as we will not repeat any songs for the entire day.

The Nuclear 90’s were a decade of transition. Politically and musically, we were shaking off the dust of the 80’s and preparing for the new enterprise of mass technology of the next millennium. We hope we help you remember those great years by sending your minds backwards to the Nuclear 90’s!