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What’s Coming in 2014??

Happy-New-Year-2014-1-1Hey friends! I truly hope you had a wonderful Holiday Season! And if you found some time to listen to our 100% Christmas Music selection, I really appreciate it! New Year’s Day is almost upon us and 2013 will be filed away! That means a few things.

Firstly, America’s Country will be 3 years old!! Happy birthday to us!! We officially launched on New Year’s of 2011 and it’s been a whirlwind ever since!

Second, we’re kicking off 2014 right with Hot Country Hits played the way you love ’em! Hot and Fresh! We will have all our programming return and will feature a new countdown show that I’ll tell you more about very soon! Returning is our signature Zero-Talk Four-Play, four of the hottest songs in a row at the top of the hour. Also back is The Bobby D Show, The Music City Minute, Nashville’s New Country and The CD-Tex Radio Show!

We are incredibly excited to continue to develop our station and find new ways to keep getting better! 2014 holds a lot of promise! We’re looking at things that will enable us to be more reliable and have less down time. We’re always looking for ways to make the music sound better. We’re studying ways to increase our presence on social media and how to leverage that presence to make America’s Country even better than it is.

You will continue to be the major source for ideas and suggestions! Your feedback and comments will be taken seriously and any idea is a good one. We believe that the best station isn’t about what I think or what some giant corporation thinks, but only what you think. Please continue to provide your thoughts and take our polls when we publish them. Your input is invaluable! Thank you!

Keep checking back for updates regarding the new countdown show and more updates and announcements!

Happy New Year!!

[warning]UPDATE! Starting Jan 11th at 10am MST, we’ll be helping launch a brand new show called The Nashville Cat! Check our On-Air page for info![/warning]

[warning]UPDATE! Starting the 2nd weekend in 2014, we’ll be featuring The Texas Country Music Countdown with Kenny Schneebeli! Listen Saturdays at 7pm MST!![/warning]



America’s Country!

As you might have heard or read on Facebook, starting January 1st at midnight, KXRT will begin playing a Hot Country music format and be called America’s Country! Due to the increasing popularity and success of Country music radio, TV and other media, we felt it was our best opportunity to make this change. We’ve been playing a lot of Country music as it was this past year and we feel this is a natural evolution. Research also shows that while the Internet allows for more flexibility and creativity, the same standards hold true: people that like Country music will typically not like Rock or R&B and likewise, people who like Rock or R&B will generally not like Country. We feel like with hot artists such as Taylor Swift, Lady Antebellum, Kenny Chesney and Rascal Flatts, there’s a lot of fans out there that will be charged up about a commercial-free, upbeat, Hot Country Internet station.

We will design our playlists with the hot, new Country hits that are topping the charts as the main focus. We will also reach back to the last two decades of big Country hits ad mix them in for variety and fun. You’ll hear Jason Aldean along with Clint Black and Lady A along with Garth Brooks. It will be a lot of fun to listen to for hours while you’re at work or at home. We will keep the tempo hot and not bog you down with a lot of slow, sappy ballads! It will be energetic, upbeat and fun!

We are very excited and charged up about this new direction. 2011 will be a landmark year for KXRT. America’s Country also lends itself to being patriotic. You’ll hear specials on National Holidays like Veteran’s Day, Patriot Day and more. We will continue to broadcast our Country-related weekend programming. We love Stephen Keogh’s ACC Top 20 and I will resume producing the Weekly Top 10. The Timmy LIVE! Show, as previously posted about, will return in some fashion probably in late Q1 2011. I still need to recreate it to match our new format. We will also keep our Sunday LDS music programming.

All of our links and websites will remain the same. This main webpage, the Facebook Page, the Twitters and our email and phone number will all remain as they currently are. The name KXRT will still be referred to but in a more limited fashion. We love the call letters KXRT, but we want to give center stage to our new moniker, America’s Country.

Our plan for the last few days of 2010 will be to keep playing 100% Christmas Music while we tweak and adjust as well as load our server with all the hot, new Country to be ready for our launch on New Year’s! Please be patient as we will be doing a lot of work on things and the stream may go down or have other trouble during this time. We will also be adjusting the sound and you might hear some widely varying sound levels and quality. We’ll try to keep things sounding good, but we wanted to better inform you so you know what you can expect.

Your input and ideas are always welcome! Please contact us through our many ways, email:, Phone: 801-788-4916, Facebook comment, Website comment, Tweet:, any number of ways to reach us. We look forward to hearing from you!

Enjoy the rest of 2010 and we hope to have you listening just after you celebrate the New Year to help us celebrate the launch of America’s Country!