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NEW Facebook Page

[important]SITE INFO UPDATED![/important]

UPDATE: Our Facebook address is now: (with no apostrophe or space)

We also renamed our Twitter account: – Follow us!


Please be aware that we’ve created a new Facebook Page and the current one, called KXRT, will be deleted on Sept 30th.

Our new page will soon have its own vanity URL, but meanwhile, it’s at this URL:

Please share that link with all your friends and connections to ensure everyone can find the new page!

I’ll update this post when I get the new URL.


Our NEW Facebook Page


I just launched our new Facebook Page! The biggest change is the name. Since we’re moving away from the 100% Hits – 100% Fun! slogan and since Facebook will not let folks change their page’s name, we created a new one!

At this moment, it doesn’t have a vanity URL yet so you would either need to click on a link you’ll see here, below, or search for KXRTonline on Facebook. Once you find the new page, you just go to it and click ‘Like’.

I hope to get everyone on the new page. It’s been a slow build and I really love each of you fans!

Please, like the new page and suggest it to all your friends!

Here’s the link (shortened):

In another note, I am looking around for someone to donate a killer logo. If you are or know someone who’s a graphic designer and can throw together a nifty logo for us, I’d really appreciate it. You can send your logos to and I will review them and get back with you if I like what I see. Keep in mind that the logo should be compatible with social media sites and other online resources.

Thank you all very much!