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New Playlist Strategy


Due to some feedback I’ve received recently, I’ve begun to create playlists a bit differently. If you read on the About page, under Formula, you’d see that I play songs in a 2+1 format. This would be two Country songs and a non-Country tune, like Rock or Pop. Then I’d play a jingle or some promo to split that up. Starting today (10/5), I am now following the advice and your feedback that says the transition from the typically more mellow Country songs into what could be a very intense Rock song or aggressive Alternative cut was very abrupt.

Our formula for Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays is now 2X2. Two Country songs, a jingle, then two non-Country tunes, wash, rinse and repeat. My hesitance on this has always been the amount of non-music interruptions that happen as the hours pass would be quite high. I’ve listened to radio stations, online and on the radio and have noticed that still most stations will play some sort of non-music element (imaging) between each song.

As always, the floor is yours. Please comment with your feelings after some time of listening to the new formula. Is it better? Is it worse? You tell me!

By the way, on our special days, we will still do three songs in a row, then some imaging, then three more songs. The transition difficulty wouldn’t be there in those cases.

Thanks for listening to KXRT!


More! NEW! Music!

I’m constantly updating and adding to our already vast music collection. Recently, I’ve added brand new music by U2, Eric Church, Josh Gracin and Rodney Atkins. I’ve also added the hot new singles “Then” by Brad Paisley and “1,2,3,4” by Plain White T’s. I’ve also included new singles by John Rich, Zac Brown Band, Darius Rucker and Dierks Bentley!

That’s been just in the last 2 weeks! I also tweak the playlist to highlight the newest big hits on the charts so you can hear them more often. Not so often that they start to grate on you and get burned out. We’re not FM radio, so why do that??

Thanks, as always, for listening to KXRT!

Playlist Creation Issue – IMS

This post is to request any help from anyone who is very familiar with Bleu Canard’s IMS – Intelligent Music Scheduler. I am running into problems creating playlists. I set it so that it will not repeat songs for 3 hours and artists for 2 hours. I’ve even stretched the separation of songs by up to 8 hours. In all the Christmas Music, I still find it putting different versions of O Holy Night either right next to each other or multiple times in the same hour. I’ve checked the MP3 Tags, both v1 and v2 to ensure spellings are identical. The only remaining factor is the actual file name. Most tracks have been ripped with iTunes and are simply the track number followed by the track name.mp3.

Is IMS basing its separation rules simply on the actual file name? If that is true, how lame! I can’t see going through and renaming all the files! Waste of time. Please, if someone knows anything about this issue, send me an email: Thank you!

PS: I have looked through their online forums for this same question and found nothing helpful.


Hits means HITS, Pt. 2

Last time I described that I scrubbed our massive library of hit music. I eliminated unknown album songs from popular artists. I also tried to really focus on highly rated singles across the board. This really made the station a lot more listenable and fun!

Over the past days, I’ve taken this focus a bit further. If you are familiar with iTunes or many other media players, they incorporate a rating system. Usually stars from zero to five define how much you like a song. The player then tries to play those highly starred songs more often for you. Radio station programmers have been using this method for ages in arranging their playlists. The system we use to create playlists also has this capability.

I’ve been going through and marking the most popular songs with five stars and some of the more recent ones from three to four stars, depending on their popularity and their age. As I continue to add music, I will also apply this star rating as needed.

I also plan to keep current with the ratings. As a song ages, the star rating will also decrease. You may have noticed the change starting this week. As we continue, I will continue to rate the songs and keep increasing the quality of the music selection on the New KXRT!

Thanks for listening!


Great Info!

We have the music library almost completely tuned. It took some work to get the genres all labeled correctly but we did it. Now we can continue tweaking and adjusting the playlists. I am still needing to work on new station IDs and other imaging elements. I also want to create new “genres” such as HOT and Current and Gold to better focus the music around some of the hottest newer music. That will never be our entire focus but I love the new current music and you probably do too. We will work on getting those elements working and improved.

Thanks for all your patience and listenership! Tell your friends, family, co-workers about The New KXRT!



Hi all! I know things around here have been a little wacky. I wanted to pop in and just give you all an idea of things that are under way. At this point, our current playlist formula is pretty simple but is continually being tweaked. We will play two country songs, then a pop song, then two country songs, then a rock song, then two country songs, and finally an R&B song. This formula is then repeated. We are working on updating our library with more accurate song tagging to ensure the right songs are played at the right times. This will result in an ever-changing and improving music selection and presentation!

We need your help! If you have any ideas for music, design, playlists, station imaging, anything – let us know! Email us at with your suggestions!

Keep listening and thanks for everything you do to support the New KXRT!