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Station Poll: 90’s Music

90'sHowdy! As you know, we play some great 90’s music on America’s Country. We LOVE the stuff! I dedicate an hour each weekday and even play those hits without any commercials for The 90’s @ Noon. I’d like to ask you, our best employees, to tell me whether we need more, less or the same amount of 90’s hits on America’s Country. Using the poll below, please give me your honest opinion. If you have more to add, feel free to comment below as well. Thanks!



Poll: An Inspired Selection

Take our Station Poll!

Take Our Poll!

Hi friends! I hope you’re enjoying this Holiday Season! I wanted to bring this poll to you for a vote, of sorts. All along, I’ve dedicated Sundays to playing religious music. I’ve always enjoyed it and I know some of you out there listened and enjoyed as well. Now, I’m at a transitional phase with where I want to go with America’s Country. I’ve never seriously considered eliminating this special programming. I’ve always entertained the options, but never really got close to making any decision on it. Here’s a poll I’d like you to take. Please answer honestly. I know you all love your country music as I do. But really think about it all and please give us your opinion with this poll, below. Thanks!

Live Show!

I’m starting to put together plans for a live show! I’m thinking that on a Saturday would be best. It would need to be in either the morning or night. It would be 2 hours to start with. It would probably contain a similar musical selection as our everyday programming. I would be behind the mic announcing songs, telling the news and talking to you all about whatever topics we develop. We have a station voicemail already at 801-788-4916. I would be able to turn off the voicemail and patch your calls into my control console for live, on-air calls.

I’d like to poll you about your preference to when I will air the show.

Thank you!

Poll: 100% What?

A couple weeks ago we surprised you all with a 100% Garth Brooks weekend! It was a big success and just a lot of fun! It was easy to do since we have a huge library of Garth tunes. I have considered doing this again and this time wanted to involve you in the decision process. I have a few other artists that I could scape together enough songs to make a useful and not too repetitive playlist. Use the poll below to give us your vote on who we should do for the weekend of April 11th.