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Maintenance Planned – 4/5 – and other news


We have some really great upgrades and fixes we need to apply to our main station server. It will require some downtime, but we plan to have a backup server running. Hopefully the transition between will be seamless and we won’t have any actual downtime.

We have a new SSD drive to install, plenty of updates and other tweaks we’ve been holding off on. Ultimately, the main purpose is to make our station more reliable, robust and available.

We’re also making adjustments to our music selection. We’re trying to play even more big hits, more often so you can enjoy listening all day. We are excited to have excellent programming to compliment our already fantastic music selection.

Each weekday, we have The 90s @ Noon and The 90s Drive @ 5. Two full hours of commercial 90s Country hits. On the weekends, we have several shows that bring diversity and excitement to you. On Saturdays, we have two shows that feature and celebrate Texas Country. Also known as Red Dirt, this fun and gritty music plays for two hours at Noon with the CD-Tex Radio show and for another two hours at 7pm on the Texas Country Music Countdown. On Sundays, we have Big Country USA at Noon with two hours of the best country and artist interviews, contests and a lot of fun. At 7pm, The Hot Country Countdown presents the 20 biggest songs in the industry.

We thank you for choosing us. Out of the thousands of Country stations online and on the radio, we’re extremely humbled and honored that you continue to choose us! We welcome and encourage your feedback and ideas. Please comment here or any of our social media pages with anything you’d like to share. Thank you again for being the best fans and friends!


Station Updates – 1-14-2011

Hello! Here’s what we’re working on for you! We are working on a few new programs that will add some information and value to our normal broadcast day. The first is a short-form feature called Kent Whitaker’s Radio Cooking Tip. It features published and long-time home-style chef, Kent Whitaker and his best tips for your kitchen or BBQ. You can find out more at We are currently working on when we will play the twice weekly feature and will publish here and on Facebook when it’s firm.

Another feature we’re looking at may remind you of 2010 when I would have a 2 hour music and variety show called the Timmy LIVE! Show. This will be much different in that it will be a 1 or 2 hour live radio show on weekday afternoons. It won’t be a big show or have guests and features, just a regular DJ airshift. I will have some test runs in the next weeks and should develop into something more regular shortly.

We created a killer logo! We’ve had it up for the last couple weeks and just love it! It really demonstrates our love for America and Country music. Along with that logo, we’ve opened a store at to sell logo’d clothing, accessories and gifts. Here’s the link to America’s Country Store.

Of course, we’re adding more and more hot new music and tailoring our library of music from the 90’s to today for maximum energy and entertainment. Some of the more recent additions are:

  • Reba – If I Were A Boy
  • Gary Allen – Kiss Me When I’m Down
  • Zac Brown Band – Colder Weather
  • The Band Perry – You Lie
  • Randy Montana – 1,000 Faces
  • Kid Rock – Picture
  • Phil Vassar – Carlene
  • Terri Clark – I Wanna Do It All

Thanks for listening to America’s Country!


Update to All Country Experiment

What did we learn?? Not much! Hehe.. Well, I learned that if it’s not broke, don’t fix it. Many times throughout the week, I wanted to bail on the experiment as I wasn’t pleased with what results I saw. Since I was getting bored with all country and I love the stuff, it couldn’t be the right move.

Back to normal, then. I really think the current schedule/formula is working and given more time and minor tweaking, it will continue to grow. Ultimately, it would be best if I could have multiple streams featuring their own formats. One station is all 80’s, another for all country and so on. This may happen sometime down the road, but not immediately.

Thanks for your patience as we do our best to build your favorite internet radio station!


New Station Imaging!

Thanks to Gavan Bruderer Productions, we’ve got some really great station IDs that we’re going to be launching early this week! We’ll still be using our same voice guy/gal but they will be really spiced up with sound effects and such to really make them POP! Keep listening and you’ll surely notice the improvements!

We really want to keep that FM Radio sound here on KXRT. The internet opens up so much opportunity to be original and take risks. We want to approach that attitude from the familiar sounding standpoint of traditional FM Radio. I grew up listening to great radio in the Seattle, WA area and really that’s what ignited that spark within me of the love of radio. While KXRT isn’t following the standard procedures of what is now really vanilla and cookie-cutter sound of today’s radio, we are still anchored in how radio should and did sound. We play no commercials, we have a huge library of music, and we play those songs that radio today just will not touch.

We thank you for listening and hope you continue to do so and also invite your friends and relatives to do the same! Have a happy and safe St. Patrick’s Day!


2010 or 2010?

Happy New Year! 2009 was a huge year for KXRT! We were able to upgrade so many things that continue to make KXRT the best internet radio station! We’ve gotten faster computers, better playback software, much better sound processing tools and a snazzy new live radio show! If all that could happen in 2009, I can’t begin to imagine what’s coming for 2010!

As for the title of today’s post, the discussion has been on-going for a while now as to whether we should call this year twenty-ten or two thousand ten or even oh ten. I seem to go back and forth between the first two choices but am leaning toward twenty-ten. What are your thoughts? (more…)

Hits means HITS!

I just made my first sweep through the music catalog. I eliminated those songs that were never released on radio or ever became a hit. This should make your listening experience more enjoyable as you will recognize most everything on the air. There are a number of songs that I love and that I would consider hits, even though Billboard or R&R wouldn’t agree. They are still on the playlists. You’ll know them!

Please send me your suggestions for songs! If you are in a band or a group, send me your 192kbps+ MP3 or WAV files!