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Our Listen Page – Updated

playHey friends! I wanted to let you all know that we’re in the process of updating our Listen page. The goals we have in mind are 1)Mobile/Touch friendly, 2)Fast and efficient, and 3)More awesome!

Feel free to visit the Listen page any time to have easy access to our different streams as well as clicking on things that help support us. We have a couple banner ads as well as our new Album Art Slider that shows you the current song and a few of the most recent ones played. Clicking on the Buy At Amazon button in the Slider will let you buy music at the same great price but they kick a little bit to us for each purchase.

As always, we want your honest feedback. If there’s anything off or strange about it, or you have an idea to make it better, please let us know through the regular channels.

Timmy LIVE! Tonight 8pm!!

Check your watches because in the next few hours, the next installment of Timmy LIVE! will be on the air! 8pm Mountain, 7pm Pacific, 9pm Central and 10pm Eastern!! Be there! You don’t want to miss this one!!!

Bookmark this URL: This is the video feed for tonight’s show!

This is gonna be good!


The Next Timmy LIVE! Show

We have penciled in October 10th as our next Timmy LIVE! broadcast! If this changes, we will update you here! This time, we’re adding a live webcam broadcast! Here is the link (not live yet, sillys!) Live Link

This will be a first. I will be testing along the way to make sure things are working as they should and give you a heads-up about anything to look out for.

Thanks to USTREAM for the free webcam stream!

Thanks to you all for listening to KXRT!


Listen from more places!

We have officially launched our secondary stream! It is perfect for mobile streaming or anywhere you have limited bandwidth. Since we increased our bandwidth on the main stream a few weeks ago, we decided to offer another stream at a lower bandwidth. This stream is also offered in the more universal MP3 format so that most anything can tune in!

Use this direct URL to listen:

We hope you find this stream useful! We are striving to make KXRT more accessible and listenable all the time. Here’s just one more option!

Thanks for listening to KXRT!


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More Improvements!

At KXRT, we always strive to provide you with the best entertainment possible. We are constantly trying to improve our sound. Whether it be our mix of music, the quality of the sound, or anything we do, we are constantly researching to make our product better. Starting this week, we’ve increased our stream bandwidth from 48kbps to 64kbps. Since we use the AAC+ streaming encoders, even at 48kbps, it would be considered CD Quality. We decided to stick at 48kbps to conserve our streaming bandwidth but still retain some very high quality sound. Our streaming provider offered an upgraded package and we decided to increase our bitrate to give an even better quality product to you.

If you’re a geek, you probably understand all of this already. If not, here are the basics. Think of our radio station as a big boom box at the end of a tunnel. Many other tunnels hook to this main tunnel and those who put their ears to the ends of their tunnel can hear KXRT. Picture that this big boom box is significantly larger then that main tunnel. Those who are listening only get to hear what is squeezed through that smaller tunnel. Even though AAC+ does an incredible job of squeezing the music without it sounding bad, it’s still limited. What I explained in the first paragraph is basically like me swapping out that smaller main tunnel with a much larger one. The result is music that is less squeezed and therefore, much better sounding. There are some possible negative effects. If you are on a slower DSL connection, this may not come through as smoothly. If you are on a measured connection, like on a PDA or smartphone, this will rack up the usage much faster. These are all considerations we debated on before we made this decision. Industry statistics say the the vast majority of office or home-based internet connections are plenty fast and those with PDAs or smartphones usually have unlimited data plans.

The bottom line? You get an even better sounding KXRT! As always, if you have trouble, please let me know ASAP and we’ll work it out together!


We’re Back!! …and Better!!

Thanks for your patience while we made this transition to the new broadcasting hardware. We are confident you will enjoy KXRT even more.

To tune in: Click this LINK if you already have Winamp or VLC.

To install Winamp, click HERE.

To install VLC, click HERE.

Once you’ve installed either player, click HERE to listen.

Thanks again!

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