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The First Timmy LIVE! Show of 2010 is Tomorrow!!

We’re getting really amped up about tomorrow night! So much fun is in the works! I recorded a short video promo that’s over at, check that out. As mentioned, one of the most successful singers ever will be our featured artist, Garth Brooks! We’ll have lots of info to share and plenty of his songs to play! In case you’re still not totally clear…

Any Questions??



Timmy LIVE! Show – Jan 23rd, 2010

Yessiree! Mark your calendars! Saturday evening at 8pm Mountain Time, the first Timmy LIVE! Show of 2010 debuts!

I’m way excited to come back on the air after more than a month to bring you hit music, fun and I might be able to work in some entertainment!

Our featured artist is Garth Brooks! One of the most successful music artists EVER!

Be sure to tune in! We will be on with a video feed. You can see me make myself laugh!

Here’s the linkage, bookmark/favorite it now!

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The King!I just edited the Timmy LIVE! announcement post to show that Elvis Presley is our Featured Artist this weekend! I’m also very excited to announce that starting that night, we will be adding Elvis Presley to our normal playlist rotations! I’ve rocked back and forth on this decision for a long while. I’ve tried to keep most of the music focused on the 80’s through today, but have added in some really essential classics that were big monster hits in the 60’s and 70’s recently.

I have always been a huge fan of Elvis and listen to his stuff pretty often. I think using Timmy LIVE! as an avenue to introduce him into our playlist is a great way to bring his huge hits into our stable of great music.

I hope you enjoy!


Timmy LIVE! – Nov. 14th

Yes, folks! The next installment of Timmy LIVE! is coming Saturday, November 14th at 8pm Mountain time! We will have all your favorite features:

  • Timmy LIVE! Top 5 Countdown
  • Featured Artist/Album: ELVIS PRESLEY!
  • LIVE! Video Feed from
  • LIVE! Conversation with you
  • Great music and fun

As we move closer to this next date, we will reveal our featured artist/album. Also, just have in mind the fact that it’ll most likely be the last non-Christmas music Timmy LIVE! show this year!

Keep watching this site for updates and information!


** Station Update: We changed our low bandwidth stream back to a mono MP3 stream at 32kbps. We researched things and found that MP3 is still the most universal format for streaming on smaller devices or lower bandwidth situations.

** ALSO: We proudly present the 2009 KXRT No Christmas Music Guarantee! There will be no Christmas songs played until midnight of 11/27/09 (The day after Thanksgiving).

Timmy LIVE! Tonight 8pm!!

Check your watches because in the next few hours, the next installment of Timmy LIVE! will be on the air! 8pm Mountain, 7pm Pacific, 9pm Central and 10pm Eastern!! Be there! You don’t want to miss this one!!!

Bookmark this URL: This is the video feed for tonight’s show!

This is gonna be good!


The Next Timmy LIVE! Show: 10/10 8pm

Yes, ladies, gentlemen and the rest of us! Saturday night at 8pm (Mountain Time), another broadcast of the Timmy LIVE! Show will air only on KXRT!

Look forward to a new Timmy LIVE! Top 5 Countdown and a new Featured Artist/Album. I can’t tell you who it will be this time around because it’s just too cool to give away so soon! The only hint is it’s not a specific artist or group and it’s not technically an album. It is a CD I do have in my hot little hands right now. It will be fun!

Look for us Saturday night at 8pm right here on KXRT!