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LIVE! Shout-Outs

shoutOne of our devoted fans requested an area to be able to submit Shout-Outs for the Timmy LIVE! show. I created a page up top called LIVE! Shout-Outs and you can go there and leave a comment with your Shout-Outs! Easy! I will check these before the show and read them live on the show!

This was a great idea and I really like the feedback and suggestions!


UPDATE! I’ve created a new page called Timmy LIVE! This will describe the show and also provide space for your Shout-Outs!

The Next Timmy LIVE! Show

We have penciled in October 10th as our next Timmy LIVE! broadcast! If this changes, we will update you here! This time, we’re adding a live webcam broadcast! Here is the link (not live yet, sillys!) Live Link

This will be a first. I will be testing along the way to make sure things are working as they should and give you a heads-up about anything to look out for.

Thanks to USTREAM for the free webcam stream!

Thanks to you all for listening to KXRT!


Show 2 a huge blast!

Thanks, everyone for listening to KXRT’s Timmy LIVE! show last night. It was a big success and so much fun! I had a blast talking to Brandy, Steve, John and my dear Mother, Patty. You all were a blast and a huge part of the fun. Audience participation is always key!

Here’s the question: I recorded the show and it’s a 200mb MP3 file. I can post hit here and you can listen to it as you wish. The other option is I can pick a day of the week to replay it. What do you prefer? I also guess I could do both.

I need to edit the file a bit, but I should be able to get it uploaded here and on the playlist for a day this coming week.

Let me know!


Station Updates!

Update 1: We’ve changed our low bitrate MP3 stream to a PS-AAC stream at the same bitrate. What this means is that for the same amount of bandwidth, you’ll get almost CD Quality stereo sound! Now that iTunes has finally added support for AAC+ streams, this change could be made. Please update your iTunes to version 9 to enjoy this new quality!

Update 2: This Saturday evening, barring anything major, we will have another airing of Timmy LIVE! It will be at 8:00PM Mountain Time. I will have just returned from a big day at the Utah State Fair and should have some incredible stories to share. I will also have a new Timmy LIVE! Top 5 countdown for you and a new featured artist. I’m looking forward to it!

Thanks for listening to KXRT!


Big success!

Timmy LIVE! was so much fun! I had a blast talking to all of you! Things went almost flawlessly. I was using another computer to record the show and it crashed about 90 minutes in. I only got about 30 mins recorded. Other than that, things went swimmingly! Thank you for all your feedback! I got notes from some who couldn’t get things to launch. I will refer you all to the How To Listen page that is linked on top of the page. If you have Winamp, you should be able to play either stream. If you have Windows Media, VLC, iTunes, anything really, you should be able to listen to the MP3 stream. Our next show should be Saturday the 19th and if you have trouble, call in and I will try to assist. Feel free to post any connection issues as a comment here or on the How To Listen page.

I will keep you updated on our next show’s time and date. Thanks again for listening!


Timmy LIVE!

In about 24 hours, KXRT will present our newest feature: Timmy LIVE!

Timmy LIVE! is a radio show that is hosted by a live DJ who brings his excitement, passion and horrible sense of humor to you! Timmy will play the best music from the vast KXRT Music Library, including a featured artist!

This all begins tomorrow morning (9/5) at 8AM (Mountain Daylight Time). 2 hours of huge fun and even better, it’s 100% Live!

Click HERE to listen in high quality or HERE for our mobile MP3 stream.