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The Timmy LIVE! Show 7-10-2010

Psst! Hey! Shhh! I really can’t say much yet, but you are going to really want to be listening to KXRT tomorrow night around 8pm (Mountain)! I wish I could tell you about our Featured Artist and something about who our special guest might be, but I just can’t. I can say no more. Sorry! Just be there!

Timmy LIVE! Tonight 8pm!!

Check your watches because in the next few hours, the next installment of Timmy LIVE! will be on the air! 8pm Mountain, 7pm Pacific, 9pm Central and 10pm Eastern!! Be there! You don’t want to miss this one!!!

Bookmark this URL: This is the video feed for tonight’s show!

This is gonna be good!


The Next Timmy LIVE! Show: 10/10 8pm

Yes, ladies, gentlemen and the rest of us! Saturday night at 8pm (Mountain Time), another broadcast of the Timmy LIVE! Show will air only on KXRT!

Look forward to a new Timmy LIVE! Top 5 Countdown and a new Featured Artist/Album. I can’t tell you who it will be this time around because it’s just too cool to give away so soon! The only hint is it’s not a specific artist or group and it’s not technically an album. It is a CD I do have in my hot little hands right now. It will be fun!

Look for us Saturday night at 8pm right here on KXRT!


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